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摘要:2018年9月10日 ,在佛罗伦萨美蒂奇宫展出的《丝路金桥》来到中意设计交流中心佛罗伦萨基地施特洛奇别墅,展开了一场东西方文明的深度对话。On 10th of September, After the exhibition at the Medici Palace in Florence,Silk Road Golden Bridge came to Sino-Italian Design Exchange Center - Florence Base Villa Str

2018年9月10日 ,在佛罗伦萨美蒂奇宫展出的《丝路金桥》来到中意设计交流中心佛罗伦萨基地施特洛奇别墅,展开了一场东西方文明的深度对话。

On 10th of September, After the exhibition at the Medici Palace in Florence,Silk Road Golden Bridge came to Sino-Italian Design Exchange Center - Florence base Villa Strozzi, expanded a further communication of Western and Eastern civilization.







Silk Road Golden Bridge(BEIJING)Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Sino-Italian Design Exchange Center(SIDEC)
DoBe WE"

International Culture Exchange and Innovation Centre (ICEIC)


Villa strozzi mansion belongs to Strozzi Family, who was one of the most well-known aristocrat families as well as Economics Families in 16th century. Strozzi Family was also the most competitive rival of Midici Family, the ruler of Florence at that time. Mona Lisa, the most famous portrait figure of Leonardo da Vinci, was the descendant of Srozzi’s 15th generation. Silk Road Golden Bridge is now exhibited in the First Chinese Overseas Cultural and Creative Industry Park, as known as SIDEC, which is supported and established by both Shanghai Government and Florence Government. This event was also a beginning of further cooperation between artist Shu Yong with SIDEC, DoBe WE" and ICEIC.

17世纪中期,达•芬奇的名字和《蒙娜丽莎》出现,曾经在枫丹白露宫编纂艺术品目录的班尔•汤,把《蒙娜丽莎》称为“画中之画、首屈一指”。每年到卢浮宫鉴赏《蒙娜丽莎》作品的人数,大约有600万左右。20世纪60年代,该画作为法国政府借给美国肯尼迪总统夫妇个人的特殊物品,出人意料地横跨大西洋,于1962年12月19日抵达美国,并在华盛顿特区和纽约展览了52天。该画美国之旅,攫住了全世界的想象力。由此,《蒙娜丽莎》作为具有超越意义的新时代先驱之作,也再次焕发出超凡的力量,成为美国有史以来人们对单幅艺术品倾注无与伦比的激赏的空前盛况。《蒙娜丽莎》的展览,恰逢美国历史上的关键时刻, 成为了冷战高峰时期重要的一种外交利器,发挥了极为独特的作用。跨越六个世纪后的今天,《丝路金桥》以其独具魅力的中国个性和融通中外的文化艺术形式,始终在诠释着中国“新时代”的丝路精神,在国际舞台的多次亮相为中国与世界人们的友好交流担当着外交使者,为构建人类命运共同体架“桥”铺路。

In the middle of 17th century, when the name of Leonardo da Vinci came out to the public with Mona Lisa, Gilgio Vasari, who is responsible for Chateau de Fontainebleau artwork catalog editing, appreciated “Mona Lisa” as “exquisite skills, and the best among all”. The number of who visited Louvre to see “Mona Lisa” is around 6 million every year. This painting was borrowed from French Government to President of the US, Kennedy as a special object, surprisingly crossed Atlantic, and arrived the US on 19th of December 1962, then was exhibited in Washington DC and New York for 52 days. The trip of this painting to the US, attracted imaginations from the whole world. Therefore, “Mona Lisa”, as the great masterpieces of the new era, also because of its mystery and fascinating feature, led to the unprecedented situation that people were so passionate to an individual artwork through the US history. The exhibition of “Mona Lisa”, also happened to be at the keypoint of the US history. It became an essential means of diplomacy and played its unique role during the peak time of Cold War. Today, after six centuries from “Mona Lisa” diplomacy, Silk Road Golden Bridge as well played a role of diplomatic massager in the friendly interactions between China and overseas by its fascinating Chinese feature and the art form of combining Chinese and other international cultures. Silk Road Golden Bridge annotates Chinese silk sprit of “new era” from the beginning to end, and it paves the way for constructing a community with a shared future for mankind.


The prototype of the oil painting of Silk Road Golden Bridge is a large-scale landscape sculpture installation art created by Shu Yong on the background of the “Belt and Road” initiative. This piece is 28 meters long, 6 meters high and 4 meters wide. It is made of 20,000 pieces of "Great Wall Brick" artificial resin crystal bricks, and the color is amber. Inside each brick is the “National Flower” or “City Flower” of dozens of countries and nearly 100 cities along the “Silk Road”. Shu Yong said, “Silk Road Golden Bridge has been through rigorous verify as well as careful consideration during creating. After fully respect to every country, every culture and every faith, Silk Road Golden Bridge took Bridge, which is the symbol of connecting in worldwide, as the container; applied the national flowers from every country as the mutual language of art, to expresses cultures and emotions from the whole world.”

2009年,当舒勇获得第七届佛罗伦萨国际当代艺术双年展终身成就奖, 他是中国大陆首位,也是全世界最年轻的获此殊荣的艺术家。

In 2009, when Shu Yong was honored as Lifetime Achievement Award of the 7th Florence International Modern Art Biennale, he is the first artist in mainland China, as well as the youngest artist in the world who has been honored this title.


In 2015, at EXPO Milan and Milan Triennale, Shu Yong presented Silk Road Golden Bridge . The work symbolizing the establishment of a "bridge of communication", was the heaviest Chinese artwork in EXPO Milan, and attracted European media’s fully attention.


July 2018 , Silk Road Golden Bridge was exhibited in the capital city of The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kyrgyzstan President Sooronbay Jeenbekov, Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon and Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed on the golden brick.


September 2018,as the iconic landscape of FOCAC Beijing Summit 2018 ,Silk Road Golden Bridge is exhibiting in front of the National Convention Center, With its unique Chinese personality and the cultural and artistic forms of Chinese and foreign fusion, it interprets the spirit of the Silk Road in the new era and the new mission and responsibility of Silk Road Golden Bridge.


During those years, Shu Yong consistently communicates and interacts through different forms with Italian and other Western countries in terms of his artworks. To provide more communication channels for the exchange of art and culture between China and the West, in-depth dialogue and exchange of Chinese and Western art in this event, uses the internationalized artistic language provide a new possibility for “One Belt, One Road” strategy to go deep into the international community, play an active role in China’s deep integration into the international community and made contributions。(记者:王欣 张艳霞)





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